Undertale Spoilers in the diversion and in this depiction!

Additionally, make a point to separate the .compress petition for the amusement to appropriately work right!

YABTS: Yet Another Bad Time Simulator is an Undertale-roused smaller than normal fangame, making another 3D understanding of numerous Undertale supervisor battles, in a similar motor Toby used to make Undertale’s Demo. The amusement is exceptionally basic, and still in advance.

So far I’ve revamped:

Sans Fight

Undyne the Undying’s Fight

Tagore’s Fight

Omega Flowey’s Fight

(Gaster’s Fight yet it isn’t in the diversion, just absolutely fanmade)

Did I overlook someone…? I would like to think not.

Undertale and its soundtrack are made by Toby Fox, you can purchase the diversion at:

Additionally, the reason the Real Knife looks not the same as most expected, this is on account of it’s enlivened by this outline from a steam decoration:BAD TIME SIMULATOR HACKEDBADTIME.TIFF, where the objective is to LV up to 20, despite the fact that you don’t kill anybody and just you simply stay away from and gather Yellow and Green Healing Objects. There’s a major bundle of modes to play with. This is an unadulterated Bullet Board diversion… What’s more, that is basically it.

I’ve heard this such a large number of goddamn circumstances! I abhor it! XD ANYBODY who indicates me it I shout and they simply giggle XD YOU’RE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME IF YOU DO THAT! IT GOES ON FOREVER AND I HATE IT! XD You’re going to have a shower, Tim.


Bolt keys to move search and make bone dividers. The battle catch to make a come up the short assault. Snap and hold for gaster blasters. Space for flying bone assault.BAD TIME SIMULATOR HACKED


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